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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Funeral Plan?

A Funeral Plan is a way to prepay funeral costs in advance. It also allows you to help protect your family from the worry and stress of covering the cost of your funeral and making all the arrangements.

Why should I take out a Funeral Plan?

Taking out a Funeral Plan allows you to make important decisions about what you and your family want from the funeral. A single monthly payment insures you for a fixed sum up to the age of 90 years of age (after this you remain insured but are not required to make any further payments). The sum is paid directly to a person chosen by you within 48 hours of us receiving a copy of your death certificate.

I have savings and life insurance, why do I need a Funeral Plan?

Taking out a Funeral Plan will also help save your loved ones the worry and stress of making all the funeral arrangements at such an emotional time, because they will already know what you wanted and a trusted Funeralplan.co Director will be there to guide and support them every step of the way.

Can anyone take out a Funeral Plan?

Anyone aged between 40-75 can take out a Funeral Plan from TheFuneralPlan.co . There are no health or medical questions. You can also take out and pay for a funeral plan for any loved one, friend or family member and you can have the direct debits taken from your own account.

Can I buy a Funeral Plan for someone else?

Yes. Many of our customers take out a Funeral Plan from thefuneralplan.co for their relatives or friends. As long as the person for whom the Plan is for is aged 40 or over, you can buy a plan direct, just give us the details of the person you’re applying for.

Do I have to take a medical?

No. As long as you or the proposed is aged 40 or over, you’re guaranteed to be accepted for a Funeral Plan from TheFuneralPlan.co.

What happens in if pass away before I finish paying for the plan?

Because our plans are insurance backed, once you have passed the first 24 months the plan will pay out the Full amount along with any interest that has been accrued. If you pass away within the first 24 months all of your premiums will be returned to your next of kin.

What age to I pay until?

This product is a guaranteed payout insurance policy that covers you until you die. The competitive price we quote is fixed and does not increase, you will pay the premium until your 90 years old and your policy will increase in value by 2% every year.

I have serious health conditions, can I still get a funeral plan?

All plans are guaranteed to be accepted, regardless of health conditions.

What exactly is covered?

As this is a guaranteed policy, you or your loved ones can decide what the money is used for. Remember this is your funeral, you get to make the decisions on you arrangements, everything from which funeral director you want to your favourite song. This means your loved ones do not have to worry about fulfilling your wishes.

How much will I be covered for?

You can choose the amount of cover you need/want however the average cost of a funeral in the UK is around £3,500 so we will always recommend you choose a plan above that amount to ensure all cost as covered on the day.